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There is often a communication gap between the customer and the business, easyTicket bridges this gap by offering a quick and user-friendly platform for your customers and clients to request and receive help and support. For commonly asked questions or queries, easyTicket includes a comprehensive knowledgebase system. To increase productivity and efficiency, agents are able to search tickets in a number of ways and forward tickets to more appropriate agents.

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This item was featured

  • Client panel
  • Agent panel
  • Admin panel (with site settings)
  • Knowledgebase
  • Ticket system
  • Priority settings
  • Search by ticket name or reference
  • Client and re-open tickets
  • Mute and unmute unwanted client accounts
  • Ticket category management
  • Canned responses
  • Auto-assign tickets to agents
  • ..and more!

  1. Unzip easyTicket to the desired directory on your server
  2. Create a MySQL database and associated user
  3. Set the 4 database variables in system/settings.php
  4. Navigation to index.php in your web browser
  5. Follow the 2-step install wizard instructions
  6. You are done!

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