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A simple MySQLi based PayPal digital download system that features an admin panel that allows you to view the all transactions, add products, edit products, delete products manage emails and so much more! Easily add a product from the admin panel and embed the link on any site for someone to be able to purchase your product through Paypal and be emailed the link which expires after a chosen period of time!

Give us a review and tell us what you want us to add in the next version.

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Login Details:

Username: admin | Password: 123456

Username: user | Password: 123456

(As we are using PayPal sandbox, the transactions can sometimes take up to 10 minutes but this is not the case with Live transactions)


  • Built on ChewiMVC
  • Professional Digital Selling Store
  • Powerful User Management System
  • Secure Admin Panel
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Global Site Messages
  • Email Notifications (SMTP)
  • Custom Branding
  • News System
  • Pagination
  • CSRF Protection
  • Unlimited Items
  • Free Downloads
  • Item Search
  • Item Reviews & Ratings
  • Detailed Item Statistics (Charts & Text)
  • Download Counter
  • PayPal REST API
  • Custom Transaction Fee.
  • Simple AJAX Likes System
  • Recaptcha
  • Translatable
  • PDO Powered
  • … and loads more!


✔️ = Done

//20 September 2017 v1.0
#Initial features ✔️

//20 September 2017 v1.1
#Responsive bug fix  ✔️
#New users on admin panel (currently only the admin account is needed) ✔️
#Improved navigation system ✔️
#Reduced file load ✔️

//22 September 2017 v1.2
#Fully Themeable ✔️
#Foundation for account purchases files ✔️
#Design UI improved ✔️
#SQL files updated ✔️
#Bug Fix (tags wrong way round) ✔️
#Rename of files ✔️
#Admin has option to delete users ✔️
#Active/Inactive Feature ✔️

//3 January 2018 1.4
#All known bugs fixed ✔️
#New error system ✔️
#Permanent Removal of Transaction Fee :( ✔️
#Add Sales Statistics ✔️
#New Admin Design ✔️
#Responsive Bug Fixes ✔️
#New Security Enhancements ✔️
#New User Management System ✔️
#Send Emails to users from admin ✔️
#Users can now change their passwords from the dashboard ✔️

//8 January 2018 1.4b
#All known bugs fixed ✔️
#Added expiring links ✔️
#Fixed statistic to make it money format ✔️

//30 October 2018 1.5 (Coming Soon)
#Complete Rewrite (ChewiMVC) ✔️
#Complete Redesign (Bootstrap 4) ✔️
#New Security Features (CSRF, Recaptcha, Throttling) ✔️
#PayPal REST API ✔️
#Email Notifications (SMTP) ✔️
#Detailed Statistics ✔️
#Complete Powerful User Management System ✔️
#Dynamic AJAX News ✔️
#Custom SEO Friendly Pages ✔️
#Custom Navigation ✔️
#Huge Speed Improvements ✔️
#Pagination ✔️
#Added Item Reviews with Ratings ✔️
#Added Free Download Capabilities ✔️
#Added AJAX Like/Unlike System ✔️

Digital Downloads PHP Script - PayPal Documentation

Digital Downloads PHP Script - PayPal Documentation

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